Stand Enquiry & Bookings

If you would like to enquire about working any of our events please contact Kat at and she will be delighted to manage your booking.


Would you like to sell your products to the thousands of visitors this show attracts? We will have a plethora of products available for the Manchester Show visitor, from T-Shirts to jewellery and belts to basques!

If you are interested in space only or a professionally built trade stand, both are reasonably priced. Although we have a large area, there is not limitless amount of stand space available, so enquire now to avoid disappointment!


PLEASE NOTE: Any Trader seen selling tattoo supplies to anyone other than a working show artist or a visitor wearing a purple Manchester Show wristband, will not be invited back to any of our future events. DO NOT sell tattoo equipment to the general public!

Trade stands are exactly what the name says, stands for the trade. Whether selling tattoo machines or various tattoo supplies, products from this area can only be sold to working show artists or visitors to the event wearing authentic purple Manchester Show wristbands.

Any registered artists wishing to purchase trade supplies, can get a Manchester Show purple band by presenting their health registration documents at the entrance, they will then be allowed to purchase from the trade area.