Why should someone choose to go to The Manchester Tattoo Convention?

First of all it’s steeped in history and is one of the longest running conventions in the UK. Jazz Events has a considerable pedigree in running events (34 to date!), we have had working at our conventions over 3,750 artists, over 700 traders & vendors and over 200 entertainment acts to date. We don’t profess to always getting it right, but we like to feel that, because its all we do all day long (this is not a sideline for us), we have a great feel for what people enjoy.

Where is The Manchester Tattoo Show held?

Manchester Central, Petersfield, Manchester M2 3GX United Kingdom

Can I bring my dog or other pets?

Animals are not permitted - with the exception of guide dogs.

I have booked in advance but my tickets have not arrived?

E-tickets will be attached to your confirmation email immediately after your order has been placed, please print them off and keep them in a safe place. If you have not received this email, please contact our ticketing department on 01244 881 895 or email tickets@manchestertattooshow.com

How do I go about getting a tattoo?

The best way to guarantee getting a tattoo by your chosen artist at the convention is to get in touch with them directly before the show (the earlier the better). Discuss your ideas with them and book a time slot at the show with them, prior to the convention. Some artists work on a first come first serve basis at conventions, but they will tell you this when you get in touch with them. If this is the case you best get to the show early!

Can I have a Tattoo if I am under 18?

No, and please do not ask. Secondly, if you have just turned 18, then yes you can get tattooed, but a word of advice is bring some I.D., as the artist of your choice will no doubt request to see it.

How much is it to get in?

See our 'Tickets' section

What time does show open?

See our 'Information' section.

Are children allowed?

Yes children are allowed, but all under 18’s must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Can I bring alcohol or drugs?

Definitely Not! Anyone seen bringing either alcohol or drugs into the venue will be asked to leave by security and barred from all future Jazz Events shows and conventions.

Why have you moved your dates?

We originally moved the dates 3 years ago, as it worked better for us in terms of managing our events (we were a lot smaller company 3 years ago than we are now). What we didn’t take into consideration was that a large number of people (prodominently students) move out of Manchester in the month of August and our foot fall suffered because of this compared to our other tattoo conventions. We are also launching a brand new event in August, and this partly swayed our decision to move back to the original dates.

Why did you not move the dates back sooner?

We were contracted with the venue for 3 years and did not have that option until now.

And last, but probably the most asked question... Does it hurt?

Pain is a very personal thing. Some people have a high pain threshold, others whimper at a splinter in their finger. The very process of being tattooed means that a single or series of needles will be puncturing your skin, albeit at a reasonably fast speed, and not going too deep beneath the skin. So yep, you’re certainly going to feel something, that’s for sure. The position on your body where the tattoo will be placed will have a direct bearing on the amount of discomfort that you will feel. Basically, the more flesh that you have in an area the less it will smart. Upper arms and buttocks are less uncomfortable than say, shins, the spine and armpits. Many people say that the outline is the most uncomfortable part of a tattoo and the shading is the easiest and speaking from experience, I find this to be the case. Whatever you do when sitting in the tattooist’s chair, don’t fidget and move about; it’s harder for your tattooist to hit a moving target!

Some studios now offer a ‘Numbing’ service. This will consist of the tattooist applying the numbing cream and giving the cream time to work before the tattoo is started. Talking to folk who have opted for this option, they say that it helps quite a lot for the outline of the tattoo, making it an altogether more pleasant experience.

If a session gets that little bit ‘too much’ there are solutions that tattooists can apply to the skin as they are working. Super Juice and Vasocaine operate by constricting blood vessels close to the skin’s surface and can be applied as required during the session, although it’s best to read up about these products before giving them a road test so you know what to expect.

You may also want to consider what type of clothing to wear when going for your appointment. If you are having your upper arm tattooed, wear a vest. Ladies, if you are having the top of your thigh tattooed, you might want to think about wearing a skirt unless you want to be sitting there in your knickers for the duration! It is common sense really. And there’s a very good chance that you will get some ink or blood on your clothes, so don’t wear your favourite Gucci number.

You may be tempted to have a drink to steady your nerves. Don’t! It could make the process more uncomfortable and could possibly make you bleed a bit more than normal, as alcohol thins the blood. Also, if you are on any form of medication, let the tattooist know. Again, medicines such as aspirin, warfarin and other anti-blood clotting substances might make you bleed more. If in doubt, just tell the tattooist about any medication that you are taking. It is worth having something to eat at least two hours prior to your appointment to keep your blood sugar levels up during your tattoo.

As I mentioned earlier, you will feel some sort of discomfort and if at any point you start to feel faint or sick, let the tattooist know and he/ she will stop and give you some time to recover your composure. They won’t be too chuffed if you decide to empty your breakfast all over them. I find that if the pain gets intense, I relax by breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth, which always works for me.